Murfreesboro police - ONLINE ONLY

Two Woodbury residents recently were each issued an animal cruelty misdemeanor citation after allegedly leaving their dog in a hot car, according to the Murfreesboro Police Department.

The MPD was dispatched to the South Rutherford Boulevard Walmart in the early afternoon of Friday, July 19 on a report of a car in a dog, according to an incident report.

People were standing around the vehicle when the officer arrived and said they had been there at least five minutes, the report said. Officer Benjamin Stamps noted outside air temperature was 92 degrees.

Stamps determined the engine was not running and the windows were up, the report said. An older, small brown dog was in the back of the car.

Rutherford County PAWS was notified, the report said. Stamps had a Walmart employee page the car’s owner.

Stamps had been on the scene for at least 10 minutes and the dog began panting, the report said. Stamps made entry into the vehicle using a lock-out kit. Police placed the dog inside a patrol car with the air conditioner running on high. Stamps got two 16-oz. bottles of cold water from a store employee and the dog drank both bottles. Officer Pam Goslee used an infrared temperature reader which showed temperatures inside the vehicle of 124 and 134 degrees.

About 35 minutes after his arrival, Stamps made contact with the owners of the car, the report said. The owners were identified as Thomas Russell Parriott, 63, and Carol Ann Parriott, 58, both of Woodbury.

Thomas Parriott said it was his fault and he left the dog in the car due to his short-term memory problems, the report said. Carol Ann Parriott said she did not have any mental handicaps and they just forgot the dog and apologized, the report said.

Thomas Parriott “repeatedly stated he was guilty for leaving the dog in the vehicle,” the report said. Carol Ann Parriott said they are no longer married but live together and take care of one another.

PAWS examined the dog and determined it did not require immediate medical care, the report said.

Stamps issued each person a misdemeanor citation of animal cruelty, the report said.

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