M'boro Planning Commission approves 177-unit Compton Road subdivision

A map of the property to be zoned for the 177-unit residential subdivision referred to as The Arbors at Compton.

The Murfreesboro Planning Commission unanimously approved a revised zoning application last week for a 177-unit housing development along Compton Road despite objections from nearby residents.

Final approval for the development will come from the city council.

The 78.25-acre development is referred to as The Arbors at Compton in the project plan documents and is expected to be built in three phases.

Project Engineer Matt Taylor of Site Engineering Consultants said about 50 residents attended a neighborhood meeting about a month before the project returned to the planning commission.

Residents had expressed concerns for environmental preservation and density and flooding.

As a result, the original plan to build 207 detached homes on individual lots of 10,000 and 12,000 square-feet was reduced to 177 one- and two-story homes. A total of 133 homes would be on 7,000 square-foot lots with the remaining 44 on 12,000 square-foot lots.

“We tried to locate the larger lots around the perimeter of the property with the smaller lots being toward the central part,” said Taylor.

Several residents who spoke during the public hearing brought up concerns of increased traffic flow that would likely occur with the proposed connections of existing streets on the property.

Two connections would be made to Lakes Edge and Bushnell drives along the westside of the development as a third to Emory Court.

The main entrance in and out will be located on Compton Road.

Chris Wells, who has been living in the Lakebrook Estates subdivision for the last two years, said the new development will likely diminish privacy for the current homeowners in the area.

“None of us that live in Lakebrook want our subdivision changed,” said Wells. “We’re not city taxpayers per se. We’re county, but we do all of our shopping in Murfreesboro, so we are paying taxes. We just think we should be heard.”

Taylor also said that a traffic study had been conducted at the request of the neighborhood meeting attendees to determine if a traffic light is needed at the intersection of Compton Road and Emery Court.

“We got that result back from our traffic consultant today,” said Taylor. “That signal is not warranted today nor is it warranted after the project is completed.

Regarding the flooding concerns, Taylor indicated there would be multiple detention ponds on the property. Underground STEP septic systems will also be used.

“As I reassured the people at the neighborhood meeting, if I get to a design and these ponds aren’t big enough, then my client just starts losing lots,” said Taylor. “The ponds don’t work around the lots. The lots work around the ponds.”

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