Greg Lyon draws.

You may ask what he draws. But it may be easier to ask what doesn’t he draw.

If you want to know anything about local, national or international art, you may consider asking Lyon.

The 59-year-old Murfreesboro native has been sketching since age 5, having drawn influence from Jack Kirby, Charles M. Schulz, Mort Drucker and Jack Davis, among others.

One of Lyon’s instructors was Bruce Higdon, an award-winning cartoonist, during classes held at Emery’s Fine Art Gallery on Memorial Boulevard. His mentors also included dot artist Gary James as well as Phil Sadler, he said.

His tools include Prismacolor pencils, Dr. Ph. Martin’s watercolor ink, Sharpies and Bristol board paper.

Lyon said his inspirations include 18th century woodcuts. He has used that style to draw pen and ink portraitures of Abraham Lincoln and other prominent people from throughout American history. 

You may have seen Lyon’s work exhibited around town over the years.

In 1986, he was an editorial cartoonist for the Sidelines newspaper at Middle Tennessee State University.

Some of his work was shown at Linebaugh Library this past July on the topics of celebrity portraits, science fiction art, advertisements and children’s book illustrations.

In 2006, the late Heather Lanier asked him to provide her with 10 black-and-white pen and ink portraits of George Washington to celebrate the president’s birthday. Those works were exhibited at Linebaugh Library.

In 2008-2009, five drawings he made of Lincoln were displayed at the Center for the Arts in Murfreesboro in an exhibit called “Observations.”

Lyon said that in 1995, he worked as a staff illustrator for a Japanese-American magazine edited by the late Stephen Saunders. Lyon said he drew portraits of well-known people including O.J. Simpson and Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who reportedly appreciated his portrait. 

Saunders served as the assistant coordinator of MTSU’s McNair Scholars Program and also taught courses within the Political Science Department, according to his obituary from 2017.

Lyon said that he would love to work on a comic strip as well as children’s book covers. Also, he said, he would like to draw sketches that could be used to create computer video games — in short, about any project for which a person would need a freelance artist.

He said he is currently producing art designs for Joe Randolph of Joe’s Elegant Floors as well as a filmmakers club in Nashville.

Lyon said that when he is not drawing, he enjoys watching old movies, especially from the 1960s. He said one of his favorite films is 1982’s “Blade Runner” for its visual effects.

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