L3Harris flight training device

In MTSU’s partnership with L3Harris Technologies, the company will provide two level-5 compliant CRJ700 flight training devices and a virtual flight deck to help prepare aerospace students for professional pilot careers. (Submitted photo by L3Harris Technologies)

Middle Tennessee State University will receive two flight training devices and a virtual flight deck to help prepare its aerospace students for professional pilot careers after reaching an agreement with L3Harris Technologies, a global aerospace and defense technology company with headquarters in Melbourne, Fla. 

The devices will feature an aircraft-specific flight deck that offers the fit and function of the actual aircraft, as well as maintenance training features. The devices are based on the CRJ700 aircraft type, which is part of a family of regional jet airliners manufactured in Canada.

The devices will introduce MTSU students to operations with regional jets before they join the airlines. They will be housed in the simulator building in the Flight Operations Center at Murfreesboro Airport.

 “L3Harris was able to clearly demonstrate the robust design, impressive capabilities and easy maintenance of their equipment,” said Wendy Beckman, chair of MTSU’s Department of Aerospace.

Beckman said the expected arrival date of the equipment is May 2020. Aerospace students would begin utilizing the devices either in a late summer session or when fall 2020 classes begin.

L3Harris Technologies’ devices carry Level-5 status because it may represent a family of aircraft rather than only one specific model.

MTSU’s Department of Aerospace has grown into one of the more respected aerospace programs in the nation with 17 full-time faculty members and 75 flight instructors.

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