Seventy-five kids spent five a few days last week not only learning about Jesus but also climbing rock walls, scooting down water slides and other fun activities.

Christian organization Kanakuk hosted KampOut! Day Kamp at Calvary Baptist Church on Dejarnette Lane for the second consecutive year.

Kanakuk’s website says, “KampOut! is a 1-Week high energy, non-stop excitement, traveling Christian day camp experience from Kanakuk for 5 to 12 year olds.”

Camp director Stephen Ritz said Kanakuk has five mobile camps, or “trails,” crisscrossing the nation and will add a sixth next year. They will serve 20,000 campers over the course of 10 weeks this summer.

“Kanakuk helps kids grow spiritually and learn to serve selflessly,” Ritz said.

Like last year, the church and the camp last week invited members of the public to watch the fireworks on Independence Day, Ritz said.

The home camp in Branson, Mo., started in 1926, Ritz said. The mobile camps started in 2011.

The campers participated in a daily devotional with a theme each day focusing on an aspect of Jesus’ identity, Ritz said.

“Nothing else satisfies,” he said about Jesus.

The week before arriving in Murfreesboro, the camp team was in Conway, Ark., and this week they moved on to Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Even though the 30 Kanakuk team members have left, Ritz said, they have “passed the baton” over to the church and parents to continue discipling the children. He said he appreciates that what the counselors do for the kids matters.

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