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This home in Walter Hill built 1830 will be put up for auction on Saturday, Oct. 27. 

A 188-year-old Rutherford County home on the National Register will go on the auction block next weekend.

The home, built in 1830, is called Riverside, said Bob Bugg, auctioneer with Parks Auction. The auction starts at 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 27 at the property, at 1218 W. Jefferson Pike in Walter Hill.

Riverside, or the Pierce-Randolph Farm, was added to the National Register of Historic Places on Dec. 12, 2006, he said. The home is on approximately seven acres just across the road from the Stones River. The house is 3,720 square feet, according to tax records, and had an addition completed in 2010.

Unique features include a balcony, chandeliers, a log building that was used as a cooking area and workers’ quarters, and a greenhouse. A number of “primitive” antiques in the house will go on sale on auction day as well, including a parlor set, china cabinet, cherry table and more, Bugg said.


Five generations of history

The owner, Beverly Jones, said the home has been in his mother’s family since 1865, when his great-great-grandfather, Beverley Randolph Sr., bought it from the widow of the builder. Five generations of Randolphs, including Jones and his mother, Sarah Randolph Jones, have lived there. All of his male ancestors who lived there had the name of “Beverley” or “Beverly,” with the first spelling being based on a surname.

Although Jones said did not want to live there after his parents died about 18 years ago, he said he bought out his brother and sister’s shares and moved there about 14 years ago because he hated the thought of the home leaving the family. When he was a child, it was his grandfather’s home.

But now, the seven-acre yard maintenance is too much for him alone, he said. The house is too large as well.

“This home needs a family,” Jones said.

Agents who participate in the auction should contact Bugg for more information at (615) 456-4042. More information is available online at

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