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State Sen. Shane Reeves (left) talks with former Gov. Bill Haslam last Thursday during the Faith Family Freedom Luncheon.

State Sen. Shane Reeves hosted former Gov. Bill Haslam during the second annual Faith Family Freedom Luncheon last Thursday.

Reeves and the former governor sat on a stage, with Reeves asking Haslam several questions about his time in office. One question was what Haslam wants to be remembered for, and the former governor said Tennessee Promise was one example.

Haslam also said, “I hope that people remember us for always trying to get to the right answer and not just our answer.”

Reeves asked Haslam for an example of a politically unpopular decision. Haslam cited the IMPROVE gas tax increase and his decision not to use the state surplus to repair roads. 

Autos have better fuel efficiency while road maintenance has risen considerably, he said. He wanted people who drive to pay for repairs, and he wanted a long-term revenue solution.

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