Lolli the Goat

Lolli the Goat is scheduled to have an amputation this week to deal with complications from frostbite she received last summer. The Gentle Barn, located in Christiana, is providing for Lolli’s care.

Rutherford County’s farm animal rescue effort, The Gentle Barn, has helped its first new animal since opening. Lolli the goat is doing well after surgery, the organization said.

The Gentle Barn moved its Tennessee operations to a 39-acre farm in Christiana in August from the Knoxville area, where it had rented land for three years. The farm moved to Christiana with five cows, four horses, four turkeys, three pigs and 10 chickens, Gentle Barn founder Ellie Laks said.

On opening day, Laks said a local man approached her regarding his neighbor’s goats. One, Lolli, was born last winter but had suffered frostbite and lost both of her back hooves. At the time, she was 8 months old and dependent on her mother, Minnie Mae.

“She is the sweetest thing,” Laks said. “I have seen this time and time again — how these animals have these incredible challenges but have the greatest personalities.”

Laks said The Gentle Barn sent X-rays to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville Animal Hospital, which raised the possibility of amputating Lolli’s residual limbs to deal with abscesses and sores and prepare for a prothesis. The hospital said the problems stemmed from a bone spur.

About three weeks ago Lolli had surgery to remove the bone spurs, Laks said. She has been recovering, with her mother present, at the hospital.

Last week, The Gentle Barn posted on Facebook that the surgeon decided to move forward with the amputation, which was scheduled to happen this week.

A prosthetics expert who works with The Gentle Barn, Ronnie Graves of Florida, plans to create prosthetics for Lolli, Laks said.

“Since this happened when she was born, she has never run or play,” Laks said.

A video with more information about Lolli is online at

On Thanksgiving Day The Gentle Barn will host “A Gentle Thanksgiving” from 3-8 p.m. on the farm, Laks said. Vegan food will be served, and there will be a Native American Drum Circle performed next to a bonfire. More information is on the organization’s Facebook page.

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