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Question: Where else besides home can you sip a cup of coffee and pet a cat, or two, or more, assuming you have that many cats?

Answer: Catfeine Cat Café.

Since its opening last March, the café that partners with cat rescue organizations has helped to adopt 64 cats as of last week, or about 10 cats every month.

“It brings so much joy to me,” said Taura Byrd, who owns Catfeine with her husband, Curtis.

Catfeine works with rescue groups Middle Tennessee Treasures, Rutherford County Cat Rescue and Puurrfect Paws. The cats are adopted out by their respective rescue groups, while the café serves as a place for humans to see them in a more normal setting rather than in a shelter cage.

Typically, 12 to 15 cats at a time call Catfeine home, Byrd said. Some felines find their “furever” homes fast, while others take a little time to find the right “hooman.”

Only about 25 percent of café clients are actively looking to adopt, Byrd said; the remainder simply want to eat a snack and hang out with cats.

When you bring together cats with cat lovers, fun things happen. Catfeine regularly sponsors events like Cat Yoga, “Pizza Pawty & Game Night” and “Fur-Riends Trivia Night.”

The Murfreesboro Post visited Catfeine on Sept. 10, when the adoption rate was at 62. Byrd pointed out one 4-month-old calico, named Mischief, who was bonded to a black cat named Socks. When animals are bonded, meaning they are very close friends, rescues try to adopt them out together. Three days later, before this story’s deadline, Mischief and Socks were adopted together, making for adoptions 63 and 64. One more cat has been adopted since then.

Mischief and Socks were among 75 cats rescued from one location in Clarksville, Byrd said. Catfeine has sheltered some of the other cats from that rescue, she said. The cats being rescued meant they were saved from euthanasia, according to Catfeine’s Facebook page.

The adoptions of Mischief and Socks provided an opening for five more cats to come stay at Catfeine, according to the café’s Facebook page.

Although Mischief and Socks were not at Catfeine long, some of their furry friends take longer to find a home. Junebug was one such cat.

Junebug was with Catfeine since the café’s second week of operation and left in August as their 50th adoption.

Keegan Reeves said she and husband Bristol Queen adopted Junebug, whom they renamed to Satine. 

Junebug had some challenges, Reeves said. She did not like other cats and was shy. Then there was the fact that she has three legs.

Reeves said that when she and her husband began hanging out at Catfeine, they were not looking to adopt because they lived in a residence that did not allow cats.

Junebug captured their attention, but, “She was shy. We didn’t want to get too attached,” Reeves said.

However, the couple recently moved to a home where they could have pets.

“When we decided we could have a cat, we fell more in love with Junebug,” she said. “Who wouldn’t love an adorable little cat with three legs?”

The newly named Satine has become a “cuddle bug,” which she was not while living at the café. She loves chasing laser beams as well.

Reeves said she appreciates Catfeine’s mission.

“Places like Catfeine are absolutely amazing,” Reeves said. “It takes cats out of a cage and puts them in a situation to allow them to be more like themselves.”

Catfeine is located at Georgetown Park plaza, 1602 W. Northfield Blvd., Suite 500, the same shopping center as Five Senses Restaurant, Bar & Catering. Find it on Facebook at @catfeinecatcafe or online at for more information. Reservations are not required to hang out in the cat room, but may help during busy times. The business does not have a phone number.

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