Discovery STEM

Celebrating Discovery School’s STEM Designation are (left to right) Kristina Maddux, Karen Cook, Kimberly Kahle, Angela Bunyi, Sia Phillips, Shea Payne and Amy London.

Discovery School was named a Tennessee Designated STEM School during the STEM Innovation Summit in Nashville, one of 11 schools to receive the title in 2019, according to a press release from Murfreesboro City Schools.

This honor was developed with the guidance of the Tennessee Department of Education and the STEM Leadership Council to identify and recognize schools in their commitment to teaching STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

“The school is engaged in experiential, real-world learning, with full connections across content areas, linking today’s STEM learning to tomorrow’s workforce,” MCS Superintendent Dr. Linda Gilbert said.

The Tennessee STEM School Designation denotes that a school meets the highest standards of STEM instruction.

“I’m extremely proud of our school and the team that led this application process,” Principal Kristina Maddux said. “This designation affirms the diligent work of our educators and students.”

The Discovery STEM team is led by Maddux, Assistant Principal Sia Phillips and teacher leaders Karen Cook, Kimberly Kahle, Amy London, Kristy Mall, Elizabeth Shepherd, Kelly Holman and April Greene along with parents Scott Campbell and Kathie Elfersy.

The Tennessee State Board of Education also recognized Discovery School in 2018 as a National Blue Ribbon School.

Discovery School, founded in 2005, was created to serve high-achieving students.

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