A group of ‘Vette enthusiasts from across the region trekked up to Bowling Green, Ky., last week to celebrate the National Corvette Museum’s 25th anniversary.

A dozen cars participating in the 2019 Eastern Kentucky/Tennessee Corvette Caravan sped off Wednesday from Arby’s/Pilot on South Church Street on a pilgrimage to the four-day National Corvette Caravan festivities.

The national caravan takes place only every five years, and this was the 25th anniversary, said participant Frank DePizzo of Murfreesboro. This also is the 25th anniversary of the museum.

DePizzo said he has owned his 1994 model for three years.

Roy Carman of Rockfield, Ky., served as the caravan captain for the group. His biography on the caravan website says he met his wife, Karen, on the 2009 caravan. He has taught aerospace at Middle Tennessee State University.

Carman drove to Murfreesboro last Wednesday to scout the backroad route and then took the caravan to Nashville, where they planned to meet up with 20 to 30 more Corvettes, and then proceeded to Kentucky Downs.

 “It’s a good run in a ‘Vette,” Carman said.

Carman and his wife own three Corvettes, including his wife’s 50th-Anniversary Special Edition (2003) he brought to Murfreesboro. They also own a 40th-Anniversary Special Edition (1993) and a 1992 model.

Carman said he bought his first ‘Vette in 2002 (he has owned seven since then).

Paul Wayne of Lawrenceburg also drove a 50th-Anniversary Special Edition ‘Vette. He said that he loves “popping the top and just chilling” in his car.

Wayne, and Norman Poisson of Crossville, who drove a 2019 ‘Vette, said they had never participated in the National Corvette Caravan.

Ronald Richardson of Columbia drove a silver 2017 C7 which he has had for two years. However, he said he has always loved Corvettes.

However, it was not only the Corvettes that participants looked forward to. DePizzo said he was excited to attend a concert by Jefferson Starship at the museum’s outdoor amphitheater.

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