Selah 3 Mask

Comfortable, customizable, quality masks available in multiple colors.

Selah Industries

Robin Housch and Patricia Miller along with their support team, employ 12 unique individuals.

Housch, having run a successful staffing company, was often faced with challenge of placing individuals with felony backgrounds. Picking up the phone time and time again to be met with ‘Our company policy will not allow us to hire them Robin.’

Housch vowed to, “take my product dreams and create a company, program and culture that ‘employs the unemployable’ while providing them skills, character and confidence training. Sitting down with individuals, I listen to their story. These are good people who made poor choices when caught up in their addiction.”

For instance; Sally, came to us after being released from jail for three felony thefts. Her husband, the sole family support, was killed leaving her alone with 2 small children to raise and no family support. Her use of illegal drugs escalated, captivating her, and the need to support her family and habit lead to her incarceration.

Once released from jail, no one would hire her. She secured housing through Doors of Hope program and we hired her. Now she is on the way to regaining custody of her children and rebuilding her life.

Selah3 started off making masks for donation for front line workers. This endeavor kept the ladies employed.

Selah 3 hand sanitizer

As demand increased for their product, Selah3 moved to selling masks, along with hand sanitizer and other PPE

products. A popular item is their C3P mask, made of 100% cotton with sewn in HEPA filter.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 75 percent of Housch’s business was in supplying the automotive industry. With the down turn in Tennessee production, Housch exchanged many of her computers for sewing machines. “I needed to keep them working,” Housch says.

“With myself and one seamstress, and the rest displaced or unemployable workers eager to learn, we started creating quality face mask products for healthcare facilities and the general public”, Housch said.

When you buy a mask, they give one away- they have donated 1000’s to those on the front lines.

Their website is Or you can contact them at 615-962-9203 or by email: rob@

Housch says, “We welcome anyone to come by and meet us. We are excited about future products. When you buy a product, you provide someone with the opportunity for a brighter future.”

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