Bank plaque

Jack Weatherford and Bob Mifflin show a plaque from the Murfreesboro Bank & Trust Company’s previous building.

Former Chairman and CEO of Murfreesboro Bank & Trust Company Jack Weatherford and former Executive Vice President of the bank Bob Mifflin welcomed back a bronze plaque that was placed at the old main office located at 201 E. Main St. at its dedication in January, 1979.

The plaque rests to the right of the building’s Main Street entrance where it commemorates the grand opening  40 years ago and recognized the Bank’s founding in 1905, and the then-members of The Board of Directors in 1979: Jack O. Weatherford, Chairman-C.E.O.; Ed C. Loughry, President; Charles W. Holden, Executive Vice President, Sam Davis Bell, Granville S. R. Bouldin; Ed Delbridge; Sterling Farmer; Kyle M. Hart; W. Tillman Haynes, Jr.; W.H. Huddleston, Jr.; C.B. Huggins, Jr.; K. Thomas Hutchinson; Joe B. Jackson; Jennings A. Jones; Clark Maples; T.T. Martin; Jack McFarland; Al C. Mifflin, III; Edward Miller; Matt B Murfree, III; Knox Ridley; & B. F. Womack. Yearwood & Johnson, Architects; Joe M. Rodgers & Associates, Inc. Contractors; Bass & Associates, Inc. Contractors; Schumaker Interiors, Interior Design.

Murfreesboro Bank and Trust Company was founded in 1905 on the east side of the Public Square. On April 10, 1926, the bank moved to the north side of the square where the former Judicial Building now stands.

The bank purchased a building at 22 Public Square North, where the new office opened on Dec. 6, 1956. By 1976, the bank had grown out of its location at the corner of the public square at North Maple Street. Weatherford recommended that the board approve the purchase of 201 E. Main St., the location of the vacant James K. Polk hotel. The new office opened on Jan. 2, 1979.

In September of 1985, the bank became an affiliate of Third National Bank, which then became an affiliate of newly formed SunTrust Bank in December of 1986 where the Murfreesboro main office remains today.

Reginald Webb, a current SunTrust employee at 201 E. Main St., started working for Murfreesboro Bank & Trust Company during the move from 22 Public Square North in 1979 and saved the plaque from being discarded following its removal from the building in 2005.

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