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Two brothers indicted for Walmart murder

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Danarius and Demetrius Coleman, seen here in court back in March, were indicted in the January Walmart parking lot murders. File Photo

Two Antioch brothers were indicted Wednesday in the late January double murder of two men in Walmart parking lot off Old Fort Parkway.

Danarius Coleman and his brother, Demetrius, both originally from Chicago are to be arraigned on first-degree murder charges July 21, according to Circuit Court records. They are accused in the Jan. 29 shooting deaths of Latre Lillard, 19, and Andre Chesterfield, 19, of Murfreesboro, whose bloody bodies were found in the store parking lot off Thompson Lane.

Both men are being held in Rutherford County jail on $750,000 bond.

Danarius Coleman’s girlfriend, Ladorothy Morrison, testified in a March preliminary hearing that he told her he was getting ready for “an easy takedown” in a drug-deal robbery and later admitted he killed two people.

Morrison testified she was working at Steak & Shake in Antioch that night when Danarius texted her and told her “something horrible happened” and he needed her to be with him.

Morrison said she when he met her at his apartment that night he was carrying a bloody garbage bag and then told her about the murder and showed her cell-phone video from the shooting scene.

“He basically said it was either him or them because they had guns on them, too,” she testified.

Police targeted the Colemans as suspects after Demetrius reported his vehicle stolen the next morning. Authorities found the vehicle burned up and with some of the windows blown out.

Danarius Coleman was arrested Feb. 5 at his Antioch apartment, and Murfreesboro Police arrested Demetrius Coleman two weeks later in Chicago with the help of authorities there.

Assistant District Attorney Paul Newman sought a court order to obtain the password for the iPhone belonging to Danarius Coleman. It is considered central to the case for several reasons. The defendant showed his girlfriend cell phone video of blood and brains in their car and glass shot out, according to her court testimony.

Murfreesboro Police found one victim’s cell phone, and the last number it received was a 733 area code matching Danarius Coleman’s cell phone number, according to MPD Detective Larry Maples’ testimony.

Detectives arrested Danarius in Antioch and traced Demetrius to Chicago by using his cell phone number, Maples said in court.

Danarius denied knowing the shooting victims and told police he didn’t know how their number got in his cell phone, Maples testified. In fact, Danarius told police he had never been to Rutherford County.

Maples’ said his investigation found that Chesterfield and Danarius Coleman met Jan. 25 and exchanged several calls and text messages over the next few days.

Cell-phone records showed the defendants and victims exchanged text messages shortly before the time of the murder, and cell tower records traced Danarius Coleman’s phone to the Walmart parking lot, according to Maples.

Danarius and Demetrius Coleman are no longer being represented by the attorneys they had during General Sessions Court proceedings, according to Newman. Tillman Payne represented Danarius and Derrick Scretchen represented Demetrius.

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Members Opinions:
July 16, 2014 at 9:16pm
This is another unfortunate, but not surprising case of murder over drugs and robbery. I personally know both of the brothers involved in this case, and it saddens me to see two past classmates facing charges of first degree murder. Danarius and Demetrius both originate for Chicago, Illinois, a place known for its violent acts and crimes. Though what the brothers did was wrong, I personally cannot help but wonder what horrors and trying tribulations they were dealt throughout their childhood. In grade school, both of the brothers seemed reserved and though Danarius seemed more of the troublesome one, they stood up for each other in a time of confrontation. I am sure that they felt drug dealing was a way to “come up” in the world so that they could make better money and one day live better and more prosperous lives. This mindset is one that is common in most who deal drugs, but in most cases, is a dream that does fall short and hardly ever comes true without consequences that follow. Regardless of whatever drugs were stolen to cause them to murder, two people were still murdered in the process. Now both men may possibly have to face a very long time behind bars.
I can only imagine the turmoil their family must feel, for losing both brothers to the system. But it saddens me to know that this case, like many others, is just another case of “black men” doing negativity which causes the “black community” to be looked upon as negative. Cases like this are so common and make me question, “When will it stop?” When will the African- American community decide enough is enough? Where is the unity, the wisdom that is supposed to be expressed, to show our youth you don’t have to sell drugs to make a living and that killing each other is just killing the African American community? I don’t mean to dig into African- American history, but I am sure that this is not what Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, and many other Civil Rights leaders fought so hard for African Americans as a people. I can only hope that one day instead of killing, people will come together and realize, murdering each other is not worth it. Both brothers will have to face the repercussions of their actions, but I dearly hope that one day, cases like these will become a thing of the past.

July 18, 2014 at 4:25pm
After reading about this tragic state of events, I arrived at many conclusions about all parties involved on the night of January 29th, 2014. I am very familiar with this case, as the majority of the Murfreesboro community is as well. When the story was initially reported many MTSU student knew of the young men that were murdered at Wal-Mart. However, there are a few questions and concerns I arrived at as I digested the story. Sadly lives were lost over drugs which is prevalent in the African-American community. However, lets not focus on the known, as there are many other variables that enter this equation. First, I want to start with the report that the victims had guns also. Unfortunately they are no longer with us to tell their story, but you have to wonder if these murders were committed out of pure intention or was it self defense. Two wrongs don't make a right, which we all know, but you have to factor in if these brothers were protecting themselves from being on "the other side of the gun" so to speak. Secondly, it seems very strange that these brothers would commit a gruesome murder in the Wal-Mart parking lot, then record the scene of the crime on a cell-phone. I would imagine that anyone who would commit a murder unknowingly would be in a panic to escape the scene. Overall I believe that this a yet another lesson learned. It's not a matter of guilty or innocent or right and wrong. However, it is another teachable moment in our community of how twisted and misguided the mindset that some young men have.
July 18, 2014 at 10:44pm
Now in days I am hearing about someone getting shot and killed every other day it seems like. Two young lives taken because of a drug deal gone wrong that escalated into a shootout. The problem with this is our generation seems to live in the moment a lot and not really thinking about what affect it may have on things. The fact that now any altercation between people is not just a fight with hands anymore its quick to pull a gun and take a life. There is never any excuse you can give for taking a life and in my opinion it doesn’t matter what ethnicity you are, actions such as killing someone is based off the person not his or her color. I feel like without the proper evidence we can’t sit here and just say that the two brother intentions were to go a kill two kids in a Walmart parking lot and take what they have. If that was the case the girlfriend would’ve never been called to come for comfort because of the grief that was felt after pulling the trigger. So with that being said I don’t really know how to come about this incident other than a deal gone wrong and two lives unfortunately were taken during the conflict. As far as African Americans going to war with each other and killing each other instead of coming together has nothing to do with this. Yes, African Americans were involved in the murder which is of course a tragic event under any circumstance. But is this really a knock on the black community? But I feel like people are so quick to put a race on a drug or a tragic event and not really recognize the bigger picture in events such as this. The bigger picture is that as a whole when dealing with any drugs such as ones sold to you legally are getting abused and causing deaths. As a whole our generation is caught in the moment of excitement or a quick buck that we fail to realize we all need to be united as one to stop the nonsense. I hear about someone dying from an illegal drug transaction, just as much as dealing with someone drunk driving and killing an innocent person, or even someone shooting up a school of innocent people for no reason. So in all, when are we going to stop as a whole cause lives are being taken in every community and it needs to stop.
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