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Today is Saturday, December 3, 2016
Thanksgiving – From the tiny to the most important

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Here we are at Thanksgiving again.

Each year it seems I have even more for which to be thankful. In light of the faltering economy that is certainly not be the case for everyone.

I questioned many people in Murfreesboro about what in particular they are grateful for this year. I asked them to include heartfelt thanks as well as objects.

Here are some of those responses.

I am grateful for gadgets that make life easier. My current favorite is the accordion file I keep in my car for important papers, carryout menus, coupons, church and club phone directories; or the automatic soap dispenser by the kitchen sink so I don’t have to spread salmonella. – Cathy Rungee

I am thankful for the many blessings God has given me including my wife, my family, my friends, my job! – Charles Myatt

I’m thankful for loving parents. I miss them. – Kathy Ryan

I’m thankful that we have wonderful doctors who can finally determine how to help me regain my health. Not curable but treatable is good to hear. –Jean Moser

I am thankful that my son Hugh is home from Iraq and is healthy and safe. I feel so blessed when I hear of the ones that have not made it home or have and are not healthy, some mental and some physical challenges. – Rita

My family. – Debbie O’Donald

I am thankful for “the kindness of others toward those less fortunate” ... a little bit goes such a long way! – Margaret Webster

*I am thankful for a husband who supports and encourages our son’s piano lessons.

*I am thankful for a husband who spends hours playing Babies with our daughter.

*I am thankful for people who stop at my children’s lemonade stand.

*I am thankful for my push mower.

*I am thankful for carpool, especially every other week when I’m “off-duty”!!

*I am thankful my children still love and respect the game Quiet Mouse!

*I am thankful for my Suburban – there’s nothing better than a carload of laughing kids and a Great Dane hanging out the back window!

*I am thankful for caterpillars in the spring. They keep my children outside and occupied for hours.

*I am thankful for a son who lets his little sister sleep with him every night.

*I am thankful for children who want to help me cook dinner, fold laundry and clean our house.

*I am thankful that I view the glass as half-full. – Elizabeth Graham

Olive oil, garlic and pasta. You can make a quick meal or feed an unexpected crowd with whatever else is on hand. – Silvia Dryden

There is no material item that I possess that is more useful than my Swiss army knife. I use it on a daily basis, usually more than once. It is comforting to know that I am walking around the planet prepared for any task that may arise. I know that I have popped enough corks with the corkscrew attachment to build my own life raft. Oh, and did I mention, they are built to last a lifetime. They should be standard issue for every child as soon as they are old enough to cut their own meat without drawing blood. – Gary Dryden

I am thankful for my sweet 3-year-old’s prayers each night – how she names each family member by name – even the family dogs! – Jeana Campbell

Up until the recent advance of screw tops on decent bottles of wine, I’d have to say that I dearly loved my “rabbit” cork puller! Before I got that handy little device, I would wrestle with the cork until I needed two glasses of wine just to undo the tension pulling the cork generated! Now, I can pop open a bottle effortlessly and I feel like “Susie Homemaker” as not a hair is out of place and I don’t have to strain the wine through my teeth in order to avoid swallowing bits of cork. My other favorite gadget is my microplane zester … I tell you, I could have my own cooking show when I whip that thing out! – Lindy Gintzig

I am thankful for a husband who can fix ANYTHING!! Around our house we say, “Country boys can survive”!! – Brooks Harrison

There is so much to be thankful for. First is my precious family, Kent. Ellie, Jeb and the twins and Mary Wallace, Matt and their two, my mama and my siblings and our wonderful friends. We are also thankful to live in Murfreesboro. It is such a loving community and it is committed to volunteerism and helping those is need. – Cecil Coleman

Since I cook and entertain a lot, my dishwasher is my best kitchen friend – I think the most I have run it in one day is seven loads. (Royce learned early on how to avoid dishwashing after a dinner party – he broke two pieces of my good china!) I am also very grateful for my heated seats in my Yukon in the winter. – Susan Taylor

I am grateful for the dental floss with the threader. Also, decorating this holiday season I am kinda digging the pre-lit garland. – Lynn Lien

I am also thankful for my family, real friends and health. – Valerie Avent

I am thankful for my SPANX! – Stephanie Brackman

Your question really made me think about my life as it is now. In the past nine years I have lost my daughter, my mother, my brother, and, as you know, my husband who really was my other half and who got me through so much. I am most thankful for friends and relatives who have been there for me, who have pulled me back into the world when I most needed that, but who have left me alone with no hurt feelings when I needed that; who have cared for me, called me, listened to me, and who have just let me know they are there when I need them. I could go on, but that is more than enough. Guess you have to rate this one of the serious ones, but that’s my mood for now. – Carole Shelton

I’m thankful to live in Murfreesboro, even when times are a little harder than normal. I knew the very first day when I was moving into Miss Mary dorm my freshman year that I was staying in Murfreesboro! – Pam Jones

Being a height impaired adult (when my daughter was 10, I realized that I am truly the size of a 10-year-old) my favorite gadgets I am grateful for are my Gopher grabber – gets things down from high places, my numerous step stools and dust pans with long handles (do not require stooping)! – Sally Michaelson

I am thankful for the health and happiness of my beautiful family and our wonderful troops that are keeping us all safe! – Angela Floyd

On some not so bright days, I have so much to look forward to – lunch with a good friend, bridge club with good friends, Book Clubs with good friends, Bunko with good friends or even a meeting with a charitable group I’m working with to help with a fundraiser, where I see good friends and make more good friends. I may not see some of my family every day, but I know that when I need them, they’re only a phone call away. –Joyce Taylor

I’m thankful for Jesus Christ. I’m thankful for positive, encouraging people! I’m thankful for sunshine and flowers! – Beth Brown

I am thankful for my parents who worked hard to provide me with a Catholic education. This provided me with a good base of faith, education and lifelong friends. God bless them for making great sacrifices to provide this for my brothers and me. – Renee Miller

I am thankful for cell phones – I can talk to my mother everyday! – Jeri Lamb

My family and all the memories we have made together. – Patty League

I’m thankful for Jesus, our families, friends, health, phone calls and visits from our children, our church, forgiveness, family recipes, the U.S.A., ability to vote, the Internet, travel, ability to snow ski. Once you get started, it is hard to stop. – Nancy Bragg

I am so very grateful for all the people who have worked so diligently for the past eight years (and are continuing to work) in making our new facility of MTMC a reality in the near future. The immeasurable impact will be felt not only by residents of our great community and surrounding area but also by generations to come. How very fortunate we all are. – Patty Marschel

I am thankful for our welcoming community! (My husband, Van, and I, eight months pregnant at the time, drove our last U-Haul of things into town Thanksgiving weekend 2003, five years ago, and officially became Murfreesboroans! What a blessing! – Meredith Hilleary

I’m thankful for the doctors who saved my mother from colon cancer. –John Bragg III

I’m just so thankful for a wonderful family and caring friends and for life in a country where we can enjoy our many freedoms. – Lucinda Lea

Thanks to all who responded, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

‘Til next week.
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