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Sat, Apr 19, 2014

Possibilities endless with barbecue quesadillas

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Possibilities endless with barbecue quesadillas | Cooking Up Dreams, Recipe, Food, Entertaining

Barbecue Chicken Quesadillas (TMP Photo/A. McKinney)

If you have ever tried barbecue chicken pizza, then it would be safe to say you will love this recipe that uses the same concept for these quick and easy quesadillas.

This is one of the fastest recipes I make, and it is one of my husband’s favorites. Even if you are not a “cook,” I guarantee that you can make these because they are so easy.

One of the great things about making these quesadillas is that you can make them your own way. If one person dislikes onions, just leave them off. If you only have pepper jack cheese, just use that instead of cheddar.  

There are so many variations and ways to make this dish your very own, with your own personal touch.  

Because this recipe calls for prepared barbecue sauce, be sure to look at the label for the sugar content. Some prepared sauces have up to 15 grams of sugar in just 2 tablespoons.   

I certainly do not need that much extra sugar in a barbecue sauce with my sweet tooth. Trust me, I get enough as it is.

One of my favorite brands is Stubb’s Original sauce. It has about 4 grams per 2 tablespoons, and it tastes delicious. This is one of those good purchases to make when you are buying anything already prepared.

It is always great to prepare things on your own, but we do not always have that much time. So, just be aware of what you are buying.

There are some great brands out there. You just have to look for them.

Barbecue Chicken Quesadillas

Servings: 1
From start to finish: 30 minutes


Cooking spray
1 flour tortilla
1/2 cup of cooked and chopped chicken
2 tablespoons of caramelized red onions
2 tablespoons barbecue sauce
1/4 cup of cheddar cheese
1 tablespoon of chopped green onions


To caramelize the onions, heat a skillet over low heat and add 1 tablespoon of canola oil or butter. Cook 1 chopped onion for 20 minutes in the skillet, while stirring often. Add a splash of water to the skillet if the onions look dry.

Remove the onions, and spray the skillet with cooking spray. Turn heat up to medium.

Place the tortilla in the skillet and turn after 1 minute. Add the chicken and 2 tablespoons of red onions to half of the tortilla in the skillet.

Next, evenly distribute the barbecue sauce, cheese and green onions over the chicken. Flip half of the tortilla over the half with the filling, and lightly press down with a spatula.

If making more than one quesadilla, place the finished ones on a sheet pan in a 250-degree oven. Cut the tortillas in halves or quarters, and serve with sour cream.

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