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Heather Ann Brown announces candidacy for Rutherford County Mayor

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My name is Heather Ann Brown. I am running in the Aug. 7th General Election as an Independent for the opportunity to be your next County Mayor.

I have lived in Rutherford County most of my life. I have run a business. I have a formal education from Franklin Road Christian School and Oakland and an informal self-taught doctorate, P.h.D. if you will in common sense with a passion for you and your freedom! I am independently wealthy because I am independent and wealthy as I am happy, and happiness equals wealth and success.
And here it is folks, my top 10:

1. No longer should a response to the people’s concerns be ... “Well, that’s always been that way!” or “ That’s the way we’ve always done it?” That is not an acceptable leadership response to any issue.

2. Hold our leaders and media accountable for letting you know about main issues in our area instead of these very important issues being a passing comment in your local media and I ask that everyone check the local web site for issues that affect the people.

3. No longer can the people afford for local government entities to police and or investigate themselves. In the style of Foghorn Leghorn “Now that I say, boy, that’s like the fox watching the henhouse!” It is time for a diverse unbiased committee be developed to check how these governances are ran, monies spent, and how the public’s concerns are handled.

4. We need people in positions who do not have a passion for political posturing or their wallets we need leaders who have a passion for the people!

5. It is every citizen and cultures right under our constitution to ask to build their dreams. It is up to elected and appointed officials to ensure the oversight of these issues and that they are handled openly to the public with the same protocol and rules set for everyone to avoid conflict among the people and to avoid costly lawsuits.

6. You deserve the best police force Rutherford County has to offer you, and one way to ensure that is to demand that every police personnel that responds to calls in your area has Crisis Intervention Training because anytime you deal with crime/domestic issues you are dealing with a person’s mental health.

7. We need to address the rezoning of schools and children in portables issues. How about instead of costly special order materials to build these schools let’s use that money to add square footage to these schools to remedy some of this problem. I also do not see why retired vets or mildly disabled vets cannot be readied to serve as school resource officers.

8. I am pro gun rights; I am also pro gun education. If children are around your guns, secure them!! If you have guns that are not secured in your homes, you contribute to “Sandy Hooks.” Be a responsible gun owner and help to minimize school shootings.

9. Let the decision for medical marijuana be up to a vote by the people, and I ask that the people educate themselves in this matter. Our farmers also need a cash crop. To that I say grow hemp as it has a plethora of uses.

10. I want you to vote not just per your political party, which is basically voting in the blind. Find out their stance and if they are going to put the power back in the peoples forum and make good use of your vote, or you spit in the face of every veteran who died for your freedom.

I have a dream also and that is for Rutherford County to be an example of heroism across the U.S. Hold me to a debate as one of your candidates. I was there at the tax increase budget meeting for you and Mr. Burgess has had a good tenure and he did not stand alone in the decision making on issues that you are not happy with and it is time to pass the torch.

I am asking respectfully for you to rise above that instinct and help me help you take back the power, your power and make that small leap and vote Heather Ann Brown on the ballot on Aug. 7, 2014.

If you vote for me I will humbly do what I have done my whole life and that is to unselfishly be a caregiver, and I will every day take the utmost care to give you what you need and that is a watchman of your freedoms while preserving your wallets and asking of our leaders what they ask of us every day, and that is to cut back and stop the waste and misappropriation of monies and resources!

And I sincerely thank you for your time.

Heather A. Brown

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