DR. KESTNER: It is about time for a personal upgrade

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My computer screen had a pop-up message on it earlier this week.

It was a reminder that it is time to upgrade a program to the newest version. I have many programs running on my various devices, so it seems as if upgrade notices are never ending.

I thought that an upgrade reminder for our personal lives might be handy as well.

What if every few months of so a voice went off in our head that said, “Your dietary habits are not in compliance with continued good health. Please begin dietary modification program now to restore health status.”

Like those annoying pop-up notices, the reminder voice would keep nagging us until we actually went on a diet.

Fortunately, we are completely in charge of our own destiny. That means our future is largely up to us.

I read a quote recently that has left me thinking. “I watched the birds and wondered, if they have wings and can fly anywhere in the world, why do they live their whole lives right here. Then I wondered the same thing about myself.”

That quote reminded me that every day we make choices that determine our tomorrow.

It is just as easy to decide to upgrade our personal lives as it is to continue to live every day without looking for improvement.

Even if we have a satisfactory or good life, it is possible to seek improvement. In a book titled “Good to Great” the comment is made that good is the enemy of great.

Once we reach a point of general satisfaction, we all tend to relax and stop working to make our lives better.

Personal upgrades are a way to evaluate various aspects of our lives and consciously decide whether we would like to see improvement.

Health is a great place to look for personal upgrade.

How are you feeling?

Are you taking pain relievers, digestive aids, sleep medication or other drugs regularly?

There are probably habits such as exercise or dietary habits that you can change today to reduce your need for such drugs within a few weeks or months.

I see a very broad range of patients in my office during the week. Some patients are very focused on doing their part to maintain their good health and it shows.

They have minimal health issues. Meanwhile others seem to want to ignore their health and are surprised by their aches and pains.

The truth is that if a person does not intentionally make efforts to protect their health as they age, they will see a more rapid health decline.

One of the most beneficial personal upgrades one could make is to revise their eating habits.

This may require a revolt against the nutritional status quo created by food manufacturers, restaurants and aided by the government.

One of the best books written in recent years that reveals the startling truth about our current nutritional status is called “In Defense of Food.” In the book, the author explains how the current foods provided by the food industry are devoid of nutrition and worse, are full of by products, chemical toxins and genetically deformed products.

I have looked for a number of years for a nutritional weight loss program to recommend for my patients and have been greatly disappointed in most programs that are available.

I have finally found a program that was created by medical experts more than 20 years ago that focuses on helping the patient transform their health through nutritional means and results in rapid weight loss for most clients.

We have had several people begin the program with exceptional results in a short time. They are surprised to learn that their body can respond so rapidly.

One thing that I like about the program is that the dieter transforms their habits to eating healthy foods such as those recommended in the book “In Defense of Food.”

Whether changing your health through your diet is your choice for a personal upgrade or you choose something else, I encourage you to take an action step to change your life for the better.

Next week a story about a patient that couldn’t keep her feet still.
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