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Dr. Kestner: Happiness is free, but instructions cost $11.95

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Some people say the best things in life are free.

Happiness might be free, but often the search for happiness can be expensive.

Life mistakes many people make in seeking happiness can be very costly, as well.

I recently came across a great bargain for anyone that wants to dramatically improve their satisfaction in life. For less than $20 you can be well on your way to enjoying every single day for the rest of your life. If that sounds too fantastic to be true, read on.

Dr. Jeffrey Miller is an expert. He didn’t intend to become an expert on happiness. That just kind of evolved. He is actually an expert in the field of orthopedics. He is often invited by doctors’ groups across the country to lecture on orthopedic testing and diagnosis.

Dr. Miller describes himself as someone that is not inherently happy. His natural tendency is to have a gloomy perspective on the world and his circumstances.

Several years ago he decided to learn how to change his life. His frequent traveling and teaching allowed him to meet a wide variety of people from around the world. He observed that some people seemed to have an overwhelmingly positive outlook on life, while others in similar circumstances had a decidedly negative perspective.

Dr. Miller began asking people about things that made them happy.

He observed some fascinating differences between people that exuded joy in their daily activities and those that seemed to trudge through life with low expectations. Over time, he began noting the characteristics of people that enjoyed each day, regardless of their current situation.

He consulted with specialists in several fields of medicine and mental health and combined his research findings with his keen first-hand observations. Realizing that he had accumulated a wealth of information that was not available to the average person, he wrote a book with fifty very specific activities that always create an improved sense of well-being.

I was invited to review his book a couple of weeks ago.

It was obvious within the first several pages that this book is unique and extremely valuable to readers.

It does not have a lot of warm-fuzzy stories and tired platitudes that seem to populate other self-help writings. This is a collection of simple, easy-to-follow action steps that will reliably create a significant improvement in anyone’s outlook.

Each chapter is a simple discussion of a single activity that will bring immediate benefit to the reader. That’s one of the great things about this book. Each chapter is presented in the simplest language possible, without a lot of extra verbiage to distract from the intended concept.

The name of the book is The Road To Happiness is Always Under Construction by K. Jeffrey Miller. It is marketed in contemporary fashion, through word-of-mouth and the Internet, so you won’t find it in bookstores.

For only $11.95, this book will help many people change their perspective into a more positive, productive one. It is available at www.rdrpublishers.com or by calling (541) 347-9882.

The title of the book originated from the Spanish proverb: “There is no happiness, there are only moments of happiness.”

I have learned that while this proverb is correct, if one creates enough moments of happiness, they create a lifetime of joy. Some of the more interesting suggestions that Dr. Miller presents are: Chapter 19: Help Someone Who Will Never Know, Chapter 33: Honor Someone, Chapter 47: Make Peace with Your Regrets, Chapter 6: Plan Your Funeral (Unusual, but surprisingly beneficial), Chapter 36: Make Your Own Luck and Chapter 37: You Are Never Too Old. Lest you think the book is solely focused on self-help without addressing the need for some to seek counseling, Chapter 42: Get Some Professional Help advises that there are some circumstances that require the aid of trained mental health professionals.

This is the first time I have devoted an entire column to reviewing a book. This book is so unique, well written and widely applicable that I determined that it was worthy of recommending to readers.

Next week: A disputed tale of a local backyard resurrection. Don’t miss it!
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Members Opinions:
March 22, 2010 at 8:44am
This is very interesting, Mark. I'm going to order it! Thanks.
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