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Today is Tuesday, February 21, 2017
BRAGG: Wasting time is actually quite exciting

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I've been fortunate to have had a couple of days with nothing but time on my hands.

Recently, I sent someone a retirement card that said: "Today's schedule: Wake up. Yawn. Hit the snooze button. Yawn. Put your feet up, unwind," etc. You get the picture.

At the time, I thought: "I've been retired for years and have never been able to do any of this." That is, until the past couple of days. Now that I've discovered "doing nothing," I love it.

We have actually had a lot of things that have kept us busy for the past month, so it was indeed time to take a break. And I've been doing it in spades.

This weekend, I sat on the couch for three days devouring "Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage" and "Voyagers of the Titanic," which I borrowed from the Linebaugh Library.

I finished the second one, turned on the television, and lo and behold, the James Cameron movie "Titanic" was going to air later that day. I taped it and watched the three-hour movie from beginning to end.

It was helpful to have read both written accounts.

While I still haven't been convinced that I want a Nook or Kindle, I hoped for one that day. The latter book is full of words I had never seen, and my friends who have Nooks or Kindles say that one of their favorite features of these devices is the dictionary.

I needed a dictionary for about every other page and was too lazy to retrieve my iPad to look up the words.

I've also been told you can highlight a name and either device will find it in previous pages for you. I would have enjoyed that option while trying to keep up with names and personalities of the passengers, too.

As you may already know, I don't remember half of what I see or read – and have accepted that fact. But I truly didn't remember Rose (Kate Winslet) drops that fabulous blue diamond in the ocean.

Quel dommage!

And if it isn't bad enough that I've been "wasting" all that time reading, heading to my office further represented an excuse for idly wasting time.

While I was looking on Pinterest – the ultimate luxury in time wasting – I came across a yummy-looking, Crock-Pot potato recipe loaded with bacon, onions and cheese. (I'm not going to make it, Dr. Patel).  

The recipe link took me to a blog, which I had never seen before, titled "Moms with Crock-Pots." Man, I could waste a lot of time on that website.

Then there are blogs about sewing and quilting, where I could literally spend all day, too.

My recent favorite is "Sew Many Ways," a website that has become so popular it has its own advertisers.

The author, Karen, is one clever girl. She has some nifty, money-saving ideas that she shares weekly. But let notice be served: If you do sign up for her posts, you'll receive at least once a day, and if this is too much, think about adding a bookmark to check it out from time to time.

The problem with finding a blog like "Sew Many Ways" is that it has links to other blogs. This is where I get caught up. When you scroll down the website, you will find a list of her favorite blogs. All you have to do is double-click on the title of the blog and you're on your way.

I love the blog "A Quilting Life," although it's almost easier to follow quilting photos on Pinterest.

There there's "Fleurs de France" for exquisite floral arrangements and party settings, and a website maintained by Kathleen River, who offers beautiful decorative ideas from finds at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta to fun furniture shops in Cashier's, N.C.

Another is "Best Dressed Child," which gives me inspiration for making a toddler a dress, or even buying one.

And if you like to dream, check out the website of Spitzmiller and Morris Inc., builders of luxury homes in the Atlanta area. The company offers loads of photos, blueprints and house plans to drool over.

Go to "In This Crazy Life" for some of the greatest household hints you'll ever come across. Now that the blogger has had a baby, her posts aren't as exciting. But, she still offers great tips and tricks for everyday life.

My favorite tip is about paintbrushes. I never seem to get all the oil-based paint off of my good artist brushes. She suggests soaking the brushes in hot vinegar for 30 minutes to get the paint to come off.

She also said to put chalk on grease spots on clothing before laundering them and the spot would come out – works for me.

After I leave this computer, I'm going to check out more fun spots on Pinterest.

Then, I'm off to find some chalk.

'Til next week.
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