Blog: College Sports Fans Needs to Grow Up

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We are getting closer and closer to college football season and all of the preseason magazines are available at bookstores nationwide.

Fans from all over the country are picking them up, hoping to see good vibrations about their favorite school this fall.

However, there are 10 college sports issues, mainly football that need to be addressed.

The SEC has the most issues from players, coaches and especially the fans. However, most fans believe the media focuses on the negative stuff; I will get to that later, but let’s start with what the conference does well.

1. There are great stories from athletes in all sports from around the conference.

Players are doing a wonderful job of representing their school and the community by performing in the classroom, staying out of trouble off the field, and playing well on it. I just wish fans would focus more on that instead of making excuses when their team is in trouble with the NCAA.

2. All of the coaches and officials of each school have to put up with a lot of unnecessary issues from fans, media and others.

For the most part, they do a great job of staying calm and not let most of it gets to them. However, some people take it way, way too far. Also, the coaches believe that they did nothing wrong, but they were caught. Some of them need to do a better job of owning up to it since they are role models for their players and the community.

3. Growing up I was a huge Tennessee and I still follow the school, and each year I looked forward to the Vols beating their in-state rival, Vanderbilt.

As I had grown older, I have found a new respect for the 'Dores. You hardly see them in the news about off-the-field issues, and they treat athletes as part of an education not above it like some their conference rivals.

Before I start with the negative issues, let me point out this.

The SEC has some of the best fans in the nation; their loyalty is unmatched to the rest of the nation.

It’s amazing every Saturday to see those stadiums filled regardless of the team’s record.

Of course, I know people treat the SEC on Saturday like they treat service on Sunday; they are always on top of things. However, like I said earlier some of these fans need to tone it down a bit and understand these players are students first.

This is not professional football. Some of those players will never make it.

4. I enjoy listening to sports radio all of the time, the listeners and hosts have very passionate opinions and they are not afraid to express them.

Some of the callers, however, need to step and be a man and not hide behind a fake name when they call in. For example, each article I write I have to use my real name not a made-up one. I wish fans would do the same instead of names like Pizza man, Gator, Volboy, you get the idea. Grow up and use your real name or don’t call in at all.

5. That leads me to the message boards, same rules apply here.

I used to like reading them, however, now by the time I get done reading them, I want to break my computer. Don’t get me wrong, there is “Freedom of Speech” in this country. It’s not the your team sucks posts that tick me off, it’s they racial, sexual and other slurs that fans use toward each other on the message board. Again, people hide behind their computer using a fake name, but they would not say it front of that same person if they were face-to-face. That’s a thing called bullying.

6. Stop blaming the media, when your team gets in trouble. We are just doing our job. Our job description does not include sucking up to the team we are covering. We have to report everything. If you want to blame somebody, blame your team for breaking the rules. Also, stop using slurs on the message boards when ripping the reporters for telling the truth.

7. OK, the SEC has won the last 100 national titles in football, and yes they have the best talent in the nation.

However, that does not mean every time one of the teams goes undefeated they should get an automatic bid into the BCS title game. There is good football west of the Mississippi; maybe you should watch it sometime.

8. Every conference game is important, regardless of the size, or status of the conference. Stop giving us crap about how the SEC games are tougher, because they play in big stadiums that are treated like churches. Guess what, the rest of the country has stadiums that are highly regarded also.

9. Stop picking on the smaller conference like the Sun Belt, and at the same time talk about how your schedule is tough.

Whatever. How about going out West and playing somebody like Boise State, Georgia is the only team that has done it. They have also played a tough Arizona State team on the road a few years ago.

Also, please stop scheduling these phony away games like Tennessee did a few years ago, when they asked Wyoming to play one of their home games in Nashville. Last time I checked, Nashville was not a city in Wyoming.

10. Finally, remember people it is only a game.

I know times are tough, and we all need an escape. However, these are just kids trying to get an education, because, just like the NCAA commercials, say not everyone will go pro.

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June 23, 2011 at 2:17pm
Blasphemy! :)
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